27 September 2007

america's next top model: going green.

don't be embarrassed.

i'm not.

i love america's next top model.

it's classic girl-on-girl drama and without any drama in my life it's amusing to see some in an entertainment fashion.

i was pleasantly surprised last night when mr. jay introduced a green van for the models to travel all around town instead of several vans or suvs. even their mansion in los angeles is eco-friendly.

likely they're doing this simply because it's trendy to be "green" these days but eventually it'll become the norm.

so good for you tyra and mr. jay for being on top of the green wave and thrusting such awareness upon your little ones.

21 September 2007

results of the paper challenge.

my paper usage for thursday, september 20, 2007.

straw paper from starbucks
1 grande paper cup from starbucks
p-touch tape backing
1 q-tip
1 napkin
1 small paper bag
7 toilet seat covers*
10 handfuls of toilet paper (roughly 4-6 squares)
9 sheets of paper (1 used twice; printed on both sides)

*i wonder about toilet seat covers. are they really necessary? do we all fear germs from the toilet seat enough to cover them up? do we even think about it anymore? if everyone puts down a toilet seat cover than are they really being useful? i mean, if everyone is using them then does the seat even get dirty at all?

19 September 2007

paper challenge: how much paper do you use in a normal day?

you've heard of the clock-watching test, right? you jot down a tick mark every time you look at a clock throughout the course of a day. or the diet one where you write down everything you've eaten?

let's try a new one.

a paper trail one.

for tomorrow or another full day this week, write down every piece of paper you use*. everything from toilet seat covers to that 45 page powerpoint presentation you printed out for your boss.

report back.

i'll do it too.

*i'm speaking of paper that is used and disposed of; not your daytimer or notebook at work unless you're ripping pages out and tossing them.

07 September 2007

be a water saving hero!

you can be a water saving hero too!

if you're a california resident, this is definitely worth a look-see.

taking shorter showers conserves water.
sweeping instead of using a hose conserves water.
watering the lawn in the morning conserves water.
full loads of laundry conserves water.
fixing running toilets conserves water.
turning the water off while brushing [your teeth] conserves water.

06 September 2007

penguins: suited up for disaster.

it's just really sad. so many creatures are affected negatively by global warming. while the effects are difficult still to see on the mainland they're evidencing themselves clearly in places like antarctica and the arctic.

penguins are running out of space to mate. such a wonderful creature.

don't be silly and think because they're so far away and in an environment very foreign to most of us that our efforts can't help them.

everything we/you can do from changing our lightbulbs to boycotting the plastic bag will have far-reaching effects.

maybe seeing the danger this adorable creature is in will encourage you to try just a little bit harder to minimize your carbon footprint. i hope it will. it wells my eyes with tears.