19 June 2008

first day of sparing the bay area air in 2008.

a beautiful day in the san francisco bay area. bettered by it being the first "spare the air day" of 2008. as a public transit believer it was delightful walking up to the turnstile and seeing the red tape over the slots for coins and passes. a dream come true. it almost makes up for the train delays and overcrowding.

for more details about spare the air, check out a previous post from 2007.

13 June 2008

rooftop clatter.

reindeer on the roof totally! but goats? after reading this article, ultimate use for a green roof, yes! sign me up.

what about you? could you see having goats on the roof being a helpful green action to take?

my parents have a couple pygmy goats on our farm in ohio (pictured, gilbert and sullivan are mingling with our chickens, fondly named "the helens.") and i'm a big fan. maybe someday i'll have my own.