02 July 2007

sparing the air in the bay area.

in a time when using public transportation is chic (smart and sassy), the air district and mtc (metropolitan transportation commission) are partnering with 29 transit operators to offer four free commute days between june 1 and october 12, 2007. spare the air affects bart, caltrain, ace train, and all bay area ferries until 1.00p and all bay area bus systems all day.

for more details visit 511 sf bay area.

the summer 2007 spare the air season runs from june 1 through october 12. during the summer months ground-level ozone (formed when pollutants combine on hot summer days accumulating when there is little wind) is the pollutant of concern. (i noticed this morning the mobile hanging from my bedroom light was still--the air in my room was very stagnant and stale.)

in order to protect public health, the air district issues spare the air advisories on days when air quality is forecast to be unhealthy due to high ozone levels. people who are especially sensitive to pollution are advised to limit their time outdoors, particularly in the afternoon hours. (advisories are posted on the spare the air website, recorded on the 1.800.help air forecast phone line, announced in local newspapers, and broadcast on local tv and radio stations.)

on spare the air days, bay area residents are asked to fight pollution (and protect themselves) by making clean (or cleaner) air choices. these simple everyday actions include driving less, taking public transportation, trip-linking, walking, biking, choosing non-gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment, and avoiding polluting household products.

the spare the air program was established by the bay area air quality management district in an effort to educate people about air pollution, and to encourage them to change their behaviour to prevent it.

this website is chock full of answered faqs about air pollution and how various communities and employers are working to prevent it, health effect descriptions, clean air tips, and a variety of other educational resources.

last but not least, the site also provides you a forecast of the air quality conditions in your region of the bay area.

(for more details, visit spare the air.)

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