02 February 2008

green is gorgeous.

super cute and super green tote! use it for runs to the farmer's market or for your lunch and snacks for work.

wear it proudly and constantly.

they're not expensive so buy a couple--stock up for yourself or use as gifts!

it's a shame the proceeds don't benefit a cause but using them instead of regular plastic bags is cause enough!

01 February 2008

superbowl weekend: a weekend of records.

in an earlier post i scolded the reunited spice girls for their abominable use of private planes when they started their new tour and the amount of co2 each plane emitted. they were all going to the same place at the same time. why they needed (not wanted, big difference) their own private transportation is beyond me.

i would be remiss if i didn't call out the corporations flying and creating a new--and what should be unheard of--record in the pounds of co2 expelled.

you can read the article in the new york times yourself, but let me leave you with this one mind-numbing fact: the amount of co2 the superbowl jets will discharge is the equivalent to a hummer driving from new york to los angeles and back 3,130 times.