01 May 2008

dive into protecting our oceans!

summer is fast approaching which means many of us will be heading toward a coastline. while we all know we need to lather up in sunscreen to protect ourselves, we must not forget about protecting our oceans. with so much coastline traffic expected every summer, the oceans and beaches will be turned over with our debris and junk--abandoned sandcastle pails and shovels, food scraps, soda cans and beer bottles, etc--not to mention the pollution added to the air with all the minivans and suvs and other vehicles driving and waiting in lines of traffic.

learn more ways you can help preserve our oceans from both your home and when you're outside basking in the sun on one of the world's beaches. strap on your snorkeling mask and dive in with ariel on an educational ocean adventure to learn how.

the site, keep oceans clean, is embellished with ariel from walt disney's the little mermaid leading you through games, tips for parents and teachers, ideas for how you can help protect our oceans, and tv and radio ads for you to watch and listen to. it's fun. take a few minutes to check it out. if you have little ones, they can view it with you. they'll love the games and the tv spots.

do your part. educate yourself.

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